Hazlitt - The Queer Appetites of Ismail Merchant

Lesbian Matters
Solo Exhibition by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall
Curated by Jesse Bandler Firestone

REPRESENT Group Art Show December 2018 at the Armory Center for the Arts organzied by the Antiracist Classroom of Art Center College of Design

Take 5: Open Studios at Helms Bakery, Los Angeles, CA, November 8, 2018
Approaches to zine making workshop-presentation and panel discussion.

State of the Union 2018

Lesbian Sex Tips

23 Masturbation Tips for Girls

La Luz de Jesus Gallery: The Coaster Show 2016

Scary Good Show October 2016 at Art Center South Campus

Young Blood Pop Up Show June 2017 at Gallery 30 South

Ch-ch-changes Show August 2017 at Other Books

La Luz de Jesus Gallery: The Coaster Show 2017

The Exuberant: Celebrating Us Show October 2017 in Chinatown at Nous Tous by Citizens of Culture

Young Blood Pop Up Show - WOMAN Show - January 2018

These women of Long Beach prove that greatness comes in all colors, sizes and lifestyles. Watch and share our video for #WomensEqualityDay.
— Voice Waves
Tevy Khou’s work, including the zine “Daisy Chain,” work addresses sexuality and dating as a queer person, challenging heteronormativity to create new visions of “what romance and sex looks like.”
What if I told you that the most exciting work in sequential art was not happening in comics but in action zines written and illustrated by young women?
— Matt Kennedy

We're a bunch of art-making friends who met in the Los Angeles area.


"It’s hard to believe this year is already the fourth annual installment of the La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show! What started as a last minute substitution has grown into a legitimate institution–one of the most anticipated events of the LA Art Scene.

We’ve all done it. We’ve sat at the bar, drinking a beer and doodled on a coaster.

But most of us aren’t the extremely skilled painters, illustrators, animators, tattooists, sculptors or collage artists that are featured in this exhibition that takes a love of craft brewing and elevates it to high art.

We produced a custom canvas for some of our favorite gallery folks to do what they do best, and transform a 4″ tondo coaster into museum worthy exhibition pieces."

Yeah, after seeing her work, I was dead set on her style. I couldn’t imagine the book any other way.
— Jay Richardson, Co-Author of Danger Wolf
Khou is a marvel with the art. She’s got a style of Rick Veitch by way of Tim Sale and I liked that very much. This is an artist who, with a little work, I can see one of the big two snatching up. I hope not though. I hope she goes with Image and creates her own stuff.
— Lenny Schwartz